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Growing Student Loan Burden

The cost of an education continues to increase faster than inflation and, consequently, so does the amount of student debt. On average, college costs increase at twice the rate of inflation. As a result, over half of college graduates now have student loans, with an average debt of $10,000. Graduating from college with such a heavy student debt burden is not easy, and you might find yourself struggling to make your monthly payments. Even if you don't have trouble making your payments, you might be unhappy with the interest rates on your current student loans. If so, you can reconsolidate student loans and save a bundle of money. If you reconsolidate student loans, you can reduce your monthly payment burden and lower your interest rates.

Why Reconsolidate Student Loans?

In short, when you reconsolidate student loans, it makes it easier to manage your finances. You have more flexibility in your payment options, you can lower your monthly payment, and you have the convenience of making a single payment each month instead of dozens. Here are so reasons why you might want to reconsolidate student loans:

  • Federal loan consolidation is free (no charges or other fees)
  • Lock in a low, fixed interest rate
  • No credit check required
  • No pre-payment penalty
  • Reduce monthly payments by up to half
  • Fast, easy, and secure online application
  • Complete entire process online with electronic signature
  • Flexible payment options

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No matter what your student debt situation, you can benefit from reconsolidating your student loans. Reconsolidate student loans with a company you can trust. We have over ten years of experience in student loan consolidation and will provide you with the highest quality service and support. Simply click "apply now" to fill out our short application to reconsolidate student loans. The application only takes a few minutes, and you will be one step closer to reducing your student loan debt burden. Apply today!

For more about student reconsolidation loans, see our Reconsolidate Student Loans Facts page.

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